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student outcomes don't change
until adult behaviors change
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Outcome Goals, Education Policy, & Public Incentives

A working group of the Texas Commission on Public School Finance has been meeting with the goal of surfacing solutions for improving student outcomes. Their white paper and recommendations supply data and rationale for focusing in three areas: improving 3rd grade literacy, placing our most effective teacher teams with our students with the greatest needs, and improving career/college/military readiness.

Much of the data quoted is easily verifiable; the issues they describe are real challenges that demand real solutions. The solutions put forth, however, offer to upend education policy orthodoxy and to apply public incentives in ways that have only been deployed in limited use -- though, as described in their materials, often with stunning result.

Is broader adoption wise? Are these the best solutions? Do better ideas exist? Is the urgency described in the paper warranted? Is it worth it if these ideas risk upsetting systems that have been in place for years? None of these are easy questions. What say you?

Outcomes Working Group - White Paper
Outcomes Working Group - Recommendations Presentation

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